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Our Process


Our experts provide in-depth analysis of your project and help you decide the optimum solutions that are required to make your project a success. They also answer to all your queries without any hesitation.


Our experts create a detailed design of your desired project to help understand the site better. This includes the location, space available for the project, availability of sunlight, and other parameters.

Paperwork & Permits

Any paperwork and city permit that is required for the installation of solar panels is handled by us.


We being the most trusted solar panel Company in Dallas, Texas, have a team of trained and experienced solar experts who have mastered the art of installing solar panels.


The last step of the process is the activation of the system. Through this, you will be able to monitor your system live.

Why is solar energy better?


Going Solar Saves Money, Time and the Environment.

Solar generating electricity through solar energy is a cost-effective way to light your premises in the long run. The cost is incurred only at the time of installation. Moreover, it is renewable energy. Therefore, it does not produce any harmful gases as fossil fuel does.

Save money with various incentives and rebate options

In today’s time, there are various incentives and rebate options made available to those who use solar energy to light up their houses. The government in the form of tax credits, solar rebates, state incentives, certificates, etc. provides these.


Save the environment

Electricity generated, with the use of fossil fuels creates many harmful fuels, which has increased the rate of air pollution. However, this is not the case with renewable resources like solar energy, which generates electricity without causing any harm to the environment.

Save time with our service and quality components

With us by your side; you do not have to worry about the design installation, repairs estimate, etc. Our experts do all the work for you to save time.


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Sunray Power did an amazing job installing my new corner tub. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of their work and clean-up.


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