Can Sunlight Really Power Your Home or Office?

Learn how solar panels work for your property in Arlington & Fort Worth, TX and the DFW area

Simply put, solar panels use the sun's rays to power your home or business. The panels collect solar energy that's then converted to electricity for everything from lights to appliances. In the end, solar can reduce your energy bills and give you control of your own power. If you're interested in making solar panels your new energy source, call SunRay Power. We'll get you set up to enjoy the power of solar energy.

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Check out the 5-step solar energy process

Taking advantage of solar energy might sound like rocket science, but we're here to make it simple. The process is easier than you might expect:

  • Step 1: We'll install your solar panels
  • Step 2: Your panels will start to collect sunlight
  • Step 3: A converter will turn the sunlight into electricity
  • Step 4: That electricity will automatically power your property
  • Step 5: Excess energy will be stored for nighttime use or returned to the grid
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